Albert de Haas has 25 years of experience with environmental affairs in the demanding setting of chemical, petrochemical and polymers industry at Akzo Nobel, DSM and SABIC.


After completing his environmental study at Wageningen University, he joined industry. Through on call duties and trouble shooting in process industry he knows manufacturing inside out.


In industry Albert served in positions at all levels: head office, business unit and site. He knows wishes, requirements and expectations of all the stakeholders with a relation with environmental affairs. This holds for those, active on the inside of a company – ranging from Board members to operators – as well as on the outside, such as clients, competent authorities, consultants, branche organizations, media or simply ‘society’. 


Characteristic for this work is the balancing act between various interests, e.g. staff and line, company and authorities, short term and long term, theory and everyday life, profit and risk. 

DHC’s environmental solutions bring balance and reconciliation to such situations.


DHC offers the required delicate approach, knowledge, determination and flexibility to operate in this field.


DHC for Environmental solutions.